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Custom DNA Oligo Synthesis
Molecular Diagnostics: Decrypting Any Genetic Information

qPCR and Next-Generation Sequencing
Strict Quality Standards to Satisfy Your Applications

How Has Molecular Diagnostics Changed Conventional Diagnosis?

In vitro molecular diagnosis is subverting conventional diagnostic methods through its earlier, more accurate and high-throughput detection ability, leading to its rapid market growth size. Molecular diagnostics are becoming more and more important in the diagnosis of infectious disease, genetic disorders, and neoplasms as well as pharmacogenomics, which is key in predictive diagnosis, treatment and prognosis monitoring and precision medicine.

Major Areas Of Application

Predictive Diagnosis

Treatment & Prognosis Monitoring

Precision Medicine

What Technologies Are Enabling Molecular Diagnosis?

  • qPCR

    Based on changes in fluorescein intensity, this technology allows for quantitative evaluation of target sequences in a patient. With advantages such as high sensitivity, direct quantification, and simple operation, qPCR is widely applied in the diagnosis of infectious diseases, including HBV, HCV, and HIV.

  • FISH

    Based on conjugating fluorescein to RNA probes, this technology allows for direct and rapid detection of specific target sequences in a patient. With advantages such as spatial-temporal patterning in both cells and tissues as well as multiple sequence detection, FISH is used in gene localization, identification of chromosomal abnormalities and tumor detection.

  • NGS

    This high-throughput sequencing platform can analyze millions of sequences at low cost with high speed, high sensitivity, and small sample demand (at nanogram level) for detecting multiple targets. The differentiating advantage of NGS is its ability to discover unknown targets for diagnostic purposes. NGS has shown great promise in the diagnosis of genetic diseases, prenatal abnormalities and cancers.

  • Gene Chip

    With large quantities of gene probes fixed on a chip to detect or quantify targets through hybridization, gene chips can help detect multiple targets simultaneously at high speed and through automation. Gene chips are currently used for disease diagnosis, drug screening, and agricultural applications.

What We Can Support Your Molecular Diagnosis Research?

High-quality oligos are essential in developing reliable molecular diagnostics. As the provider of the largest gene synthesis platform in the world, GenScript can offer you a variety of oligos with thorough and strict quality standards, batch-to-batch consistency through optimized manufacturing technologies. Our probes can help with numerous downstream applications in molecular diagnosis, allowing you to reach your goals faster and more efficiently.

  • Probes/Positive and negative chain primers
    Advantage: low exogenous contamination, High stability of fluorescence, Flexible design tool
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  • Adapters/Multiplex oligos/Capture probes
    Advantage: Extremly low cross contamination, Precise quantification, customized QC standards
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