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Western Wash Box (Yellow)

Description The Western Wash Box, made of durable AS plastic, is designed for use with western blots. These boxes are resistant to acid, alkali and organic ingredients. You will find them a reliable and convenient addition to your experiment.
Key Features
  • Convenient Size: 95×83×35 mm (Length×Width×Height)
  • This wash box is designed for the perfect western blot. Its quadrate structure allows for expedient washing without overflow. The product is also an excellent addition to any experiment involving gel electrophoresis or other tasks for which washing is required.
  • Selection of Colors: Although the box is ray-resistant in all forms, it is available in blue, yellow, black, and colorless. All allow the user to see the process of the experiment distinctly.
  • Made of flat, tempered AS plastic, these boxes are resistant to corrosion, organic ingredient, compression, and heat.
  • Flat, high in rigidity and temper

Storage Store at room temperature
Note For best results, we highly recommend the Western Membrane Forceps and the Western Wash Box for use with western blots and other projects. This precise and reliable equipment package helps to reduce variability and avoid errors.

  • Western Wash Box (Yellow)
  • Western Wash Box (Yellow)

Cat. No. Product Name Quantity Price
Western Wash Box (Black) - 1 pack of 10
Western Wash Box (Blue) - 1 pack of 10
Western Membrane Forceps - 1 pack of 10

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Cat. No. M00102
Size Price
1 pack of 10 $80.00