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CHO-K1/CD40 Stable Cell Line

Synonyms Bp50; CDW40; TNFRSF5; p50
Description Cluster of differentiation 40, CD40 is a costimulatory protein found on antigen presenting cells and is required for their activation. The binding of CD154 (CD40L) on TH cells to CD40 activates antigen presenting cells and induces a variety of downstream effects.
Species Human
Culture Medium F12K, 10% FBS, 200 μg/ml Hygromycin B
Freeze Medium 95% complete growth medium, 5% DMSO

Stability 15 passages
Storage Liquid nitrogen immediately upon receipt

CHO-K1/CD40 Stable Cell Line
CHO-K1/CD40 Stable Cell Line

FACS analysis of CD40 expression in CHO-K1/CD40 Clone1 cells.

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