Site-directed mutagenesis facilitates life science research by creating specific DNA mutations (including point mutations, deletion mutations, and insertion mutations) to enable studies of gene regulatory elements, DNA-protein interactions, protein structure/function, enzyme active sites, and novel proteins.

GenScript's site-directed mutagenesis services provide a fast, cost-saving, way to get 100% accurate mutant DNA clones, without having to spend your time and money on mutagenesis kits to do PCR mutagenesis, cloning, and sequencing in your own lab. Powered by our industry-leading gene synthesis technology and high-performance GS polymerase, GenScript can make any gene template and any number of mutations, starting at just $99/mutant and 5-day turnaround time.

Advantages of GenScript's Site-Directed Mutagenesis Services

Unparalleled Accuracy:

GenScript's high performance GS polymerase ensures accuracy of mutants, avoiding creation of unwanted mutations.

Unlimited Sites:

Using our sophisticated gene synthesis and mutagenesis techniques, GenScript can introduce mutations at any site.

Mutations on Large DNA Constructs:

Our technology is optimized to introduce point mutations, insertion mutations, and deletion mutations on constructs as large as 12 kb (including target gene and its vector).

One-stop solutions:

We offer comprehensive upstream and downstream services, including template DNA sequencing, de novo gene synthesis, Express Cloning into free expression vectors, customized vector construction, and protein expression and purification.

Most Competitive Prices

starting at $99/mutant.

High-Throughput Site-Directed Mutagenesis
High-Throughput Site-Directed Mutagenesis
Efficient / Low-Cost / High-Quality / 100% Accurate

Large Number of Individual Sequence-verified Mutants in an Arrayed Format

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Mutagenesis Services Price and Turnaround Time

Express Mutagenesis bundled with gene synthesis+
Template Length Price Turnaround Time
< 3 kb  $99 per mutation* 5 business days
3 – 8 kb $99 per mutation* + $100 5 business days
> 8 kb Request a quote Request a quote
Mutagenesis from a template previously synthesized by GenScript-
Template Length Price Turnaround Time
< 3 kb  $99 per mutation* Starts at 8 business days
3 – 8 kb $99 per mutation* + $100
> 8 kb Request a quote
Site-Directed Mutagenesis from Customer-Provided Templates (no gene synthesis)
Template length Price Turnaround Time
< 1 kb $169 per mutation* 10 business days
> 1 kb Starts at $269 Starts at 13 business days

+Prices and turnaround times apply to mutagenesis ordered at the same time as new gene synthesis orders.

-For mutagenesis from a template previously synthesized by GenScript, please Quote with your previous order number to request a quote for price and turnaround time. Turnaround time may increase for inserts >1 kb.

*One mutation is defined as any combination of base changes within a 30-base frame.

Express Mutagenesis bundled with rocket gene synthesis+
Gene Length Price Turnaround*
<3 kb $149 3 business days
3-8 kb $249 3 business days
>8 kb Quote Quote

+Prices and turnaround times shown for rocket gene synthesis apply to mutagenesis ordered at the same time as new gene synthesis orders.

How to Submit DNA templates for Mutagenesis

The fastest, and usually the most cost-effective, way to get the mutant DNA constructs you need is to order Express Mutagenesis bundled with gene synthesis using our online quotation form.

Delivery Specifications for Mutagenesis Services

All of our mutagenesis services offer the following delivery package:

Delivery Specifications

4 μg of lyophilized plasmid containing your gene insert (1 μg for low-copy plasmid) *

Sequence chromatograms or NGS read depth plot covering your gene (electronic)

Construct map for the plasmid (electronic)

Quality assurance certificate

Quotations and Ordering

Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours Monday through Friday.
You may contact us anytime for assistance.

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