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Mutation and Library Services

Accurate, Reliable, and Efficient

Our Mutagenesis Portfolio offers several mutation and library services to meet our various customer needs. From individual mutations to a library of mutant sequences, as well as variant constructs such as those requiring to be constructed from a large number of smaller DNA fragments, we cover them all. Through these services, we help accelerate the “Build” phase of our customer “Design-Build-Test” cycle and enable them to just focus on designing and testing their research interests.




Services Details

Site-Directed Mutagenesis Service

Site-directed mutagenesis facilitates life science research by creating specific DNA mutations to enable studies of gene regulatory elements, DNA-protein interactions, protein sequence/structure/function relationships, and enzyme active sites. We offer a fast, cost-effective, and reliable service for site-directed mutagenesis at any sites and with any number of mutations, starting at just $99/mutation.

HTP Site-Directed Mutagenesis Service

For customers who are interested in performing a minimum of 100 mutations per template no longer than 10 kb, we offer site-directed mutagenesis through our high-throughput platform at a highly-discounted rate starting at $50/mutation.

Gene Variant Libraries Services

We offer services for a number of variant libraries depending on different customer needs and approaches used for the construction of the libraries. Just to name a few, there are error-prone PCR-based mutant libraries, degenerate codon-based mutant libraries, and scanning point mutation libraries. Customers can specify the mutation rate and/or the level of diversity for each of these different mutant libraries.

Precision Mutant Libraries Service

Precision Mutant Libraries are high-quality synthetic mutant libraries containing only desired mutants. They offer even distribution of amino acids with little bias, inclusion of user-defined codons, elimination of stop or unwanted codons, and codon optimization. Due to these advantages over traditional mutant libraries, customers can better engineer their proteins or antibodies of interest and significantly reduce their screening burden.

High-Throughput DNA Library Assembly Service

Our High-Throughput DNA Library Assembly service can help you efficiently and accurately assemble smaller pre-defined DNA fragments to generate a large number of variant constructs that can be delivered in a pooled or arrayed format ready for your subsequent evaluation.

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