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NCOR1 cDNA ORF clone

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NCOR1 (Nuclear receptor corepressor 1) gene, Homo sapiens

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About the NCOR1 gene

NCOR1 encodes a protein that mediates ligand-independent transcription repression of thyroid-hormone and retinoic-acid receptors by promoting chromatin condensation and preventing access of the transcription machinery. It is part of a complex which also includes histone deacetylases and transcriptional regulators similar to the yeast protein Sin3p. This gene is located between the Charcot-Marie-Tooth and Smith-Magenis syndrome critical regions on chromosome 17. Alternate splicing results in multiple transcript variants. Pseudogenes of this gene are found on chromosomes 17 and 20.[provided by RefSeq, Jun 2010]

Genomic context of NCOR1 gene

The human NCOR1 gene is shown in the context of the human genome below. To see information about the NCOR1 gene in other species, please use the  Search tool  to select your desired species. GenScript has on-demand NCOR1 ORF clones in other 183 species.

Chromosome 17 - NC_000017.11

Chromosome 17 - NC_000017.11

Genomic sequence of NCOR1 gene

Learn more about NCOR1 gene


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