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Catalog Products » GenFisher Hybridization and Wash kit

GenFisher Hybridization and Wash Kit, 96-reaction

Description GenFisher Hybridization and Wash Kit provides quick, convenient and qualified solution to capture custom target regions for NGS target enrichment sequence. This kit is compatible with GenScript GenFisher Capture Probes Library, which includes hybridization buffer, wash buffer, human repeat DNA, capture beads, purification beads as well as the post PCR reagents. It starts with qualified DNA library, and followed by hybridization reaction, beads capture, washes and post-capture PCR to generate quantified and qualified target fragments.

HRD-20 ℃
TEHB-1-20 ℃
TEHB-24 ℃ protect from light
2× BWB4 ℃
2× WB I4 ℃
2× WB II4 ℃ protect from light
5× WB III4 ℃
5× WB IV4 ℃
DNAP-20 ℃
5× PCR Buffer-20 ℃
Primer Mix-20 ℃
dNTP-20 ℃
CB4 ℃
PB4 ℃

Storage Store HRD, TEHB-1, DNAP, 5× PCR Buffer, Primer Mix, dNTP at -20℃. Store the rest of the kit at 4℃. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.

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Cat. No. NGS09609
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