GenScript offers full range of services and products for Gene Therapy. From target discovery to lead identification and optimization to pre-clinical and clinical. We can support Gene Therapy companies throughout the whole process with our RUO, pre-clinical and clinical grade services and products.

Workflow Of Gene Therapy Development

Understanding of Disease Mechanism:

New insights into a disease process can be gained by bioinformatics approaches utilizing genomic information associated with the disease. A valuable tool for identifying the target genes involved in specific diseases can be the Whole Genome Screening using CRISPR gRNA Library. Next-generation sequencing and qPCR are other frequently utilized tools.

Target Gene Validation:

To validate targets, researchers typically use techniques such as cell-based assays, phenotypic models, IHC, FACS, WB, for target engagement to demonstrate that target is involved in the progression of a given disease.

Gene Therapy Resources

Explore our technologies and learn more about Gene Therapy . Find the information and resources you need by browsing through our educational assets.

  • Webinars: Target Discovery
    Unleash the power of NGS target enrichment by semiconductor

    Josh Wang, Ph.D.

    R&D Sr. Scientist Genscript USA Inc.


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    Building DNA Libraries to Explore the Combinatorial Design Space

    Yifan Li

    Senior scientist at GenScript USA Inc


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    CRISPR in Creating Knockin Cell Lines and Animal Models - Functionalizing Genome Editing for a Broad Range of Targets

    Shondra M. Pruett-Miller, PhD.

    Director, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Comprehensive Cancer Center


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    Effective gene editing using the CRISPR RNP system:higher editing efficiency, lower off-target effects, and minimal cytotoxicity

    James Chon, Ph.D.

    Field Application Scientist Genscript USA Inc.


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  • Webinars: Lead Identification and Optimization
    Library-selected AAV variants can effectively translate to non-human primates in the spinal cord and cochlea

    Killian S. Hanlon, PhD.

    Research Fellow, Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital


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    Discovering the Next Generation AAV Vector Through Capsid Engineering and Expression Cassette Optimization

    Ye Liu, PhD.

    Senior Director of Gene Transfer Technologies, REGENXBIO Inc.


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    Solutions for in vivo barriers to gene therapy vectors

    Casey Maguire, PhD.

    Associate Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School and Investigator, Massachusetts General Hospita


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    Tailor-made mutant libraries for precision engineering

    Dr. Maung Nyan Win

    Sr. Application Scientist GenScript


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    Therapeutic Gene Editing Enabled by New Delivery Vehicles

    Niren Murthy, PhD.

    Professor, Department of Bioengineering UC Berkeley- innovative Genomics Institute


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  • Webinars: Pre-clinical Development
    Pre-clinical AAV production and optimization: Not as easy as it looks!

    Dr. Stephen Hughes

    Director of New Platform Development, GenScript


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    Precise and Efficient Non-viral CRISPR Gene Editing Solutions

    Lumeng Ye, Ph.D.

    Sr. Scientist, GenScript USA Inc.


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  • Webinars: Clinical Study
    Development and manufacturing Strategy for DNA Base Vaccine-Drug Candidates

    Mark Wei, Sr.

    Director of Plasmid & Virus Process Development & Manufacturing Department


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    Scalable AAV Manufacturing Strategies

    Dr. Xiao Pan

    Director of GenScript ProBio, Platform R&D Department


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    How to improve plasmid and viral vector manufacturing process

    Shigang Wei

    Director of Plasmid & Virus Process Development Department


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    Lentiviral vector manufacturing using suspension cell line

    Dr. Mahmood Ali

    Project Manager of Virus (R&D) Purification


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