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* Intended Service: Transient Expression Stable Cell Line Development No preference
* Intended application(s) of cell line: Protein production Assay development
Target Gene/Protein
* Name: Species:
* Sequence: DNA Protein
Accession number
The native form of this protein is(select all that apply):
Ab or Ab fragment Cytoplasmic Enzyme Membrane-bound Nuclear Protein
Protease Secreted Toxic Other
* Starting material:
Gene synthesis with codon optimization.
Gene synthesis without codon optimization.
I will provide DNA template
I will provide expression-ready construct
* Preferred host:
No preference HEK293 CHO-K1 CHO-K1/Gα15 CHO-K1/Gqi5 293T 293EC18 293EC18/CRE-Luc 1321N1 RH7777 U-2OS CHO-DHFR suspension cells CHO-K1 suspension cells Other
Epitope tag selection:
His HA Myc V5 GFP RFP CFP None Other
Add tag(s) to the:
N-terminus C-terminus Other
Has gene been tested for transient expression previously?
ASAP    Within 1 month    Within 3 months    Within 6 months