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Genomic Editing (knock-out)

Single gene knock-out in a cell line
Multiplex gene knockout in a cell line
* Name of Target Gene:
NCBI Accession Number (Gene ID):
Protein coding   MicRNA    lncRNA    Promoter   
Transcription factor binding site    Other   
No. Please provide the gRNA sequences to be used:
Yes. Please specify the gene products (e.g. NCBI accession ID, NM or NP) or sequence to be disrupted:
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Host Cell Line

* Name of Target Host Cell Line:
* Alternative Cell Line:
Client (Note: Cell line must be Mycoplasma-free)
GenScript (Note: Only available for ATCC cell lines. Additional time and fee may be required)
One copy    Two copies   
More than two    Not sure   
Chemical transfection
Provide the transfection efficiency for the suggested method if possible:
CMV    CBh    EF1-a    Not sure    Other
Puromycin selection (Note: Transfected cells are selected by puromycin and gRNA-Cas9-puro construct may be randomly integrated into the genome of host cells)   
FACS sorting (Note: transfected cells are sorted by FACS and an extra fee may be charged)   
Adherent   Suspension    Both   
The cell line is passaged times per week in the ratio:
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Yes    No    Not sure
Yes, see below No   

Please provide the protocol with information about the cell line and any special growth characteristics or requirements:

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Requirements for Customized Transgenic Cell Line

Single allele    Two alleles   
Multiple alleles    All alleles (number unknown)   
One clone    Two clones   
Three clones    More clones
Growth curve    Western Blot (antibodies to be provided by customer)    Off-target analysis   
Reverse transcription PCR   
Gene function analysis    Assay development    Drug screening    Bioprocess host    Other   
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Project Information

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