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Antigen information 1

The origin of your target antigen is the type of organism that the protein or peptide sequence to be used as an antigen originally came from.
Human Mouse Rat Yeast E.coli Unknown Other
Mouse     Rat    
Peptide Soluble protein Membrane protein Cell-based Other
>90% <90% Unknown
Protein sequence     Purified recombinant protein     Purified native protein     Plasmid    
Peptide     Cell line     Compound     Other
Peptide     Recombinant protein     Stable cell line    
ELISA     Western Blot     Immunoprecipitation (IP)     ICC/IF     IHC     Flow cytometry (FC)    
Neutralization and Blocking     Pairing sandwich immunoassay     Other
No Yes, Antibodies are also expected to be positive to:
Yes, Antibodies should be negative to:
None, just cell lines with 5 ml culture supernatants 1-5 mg 10-15 mg Other/More

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