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Fc His Flag No preference
more than 75% more than 85% more than 95%
1mg 3mg 5mg 10mg


Endotoxin     ELISA     HPLC     IEF     MALDI-TOF     N-terminal sequencing    
Other (please specify):
SDS-PAGE will be performed to determine protein purity. BCA or Bradford assay will be used to measure protein concentration and A280 will be used to measure antibody fragment concentration. LC-MS/MS peptide mapping will be used to determine protein identity (if necessary)
Antibody fragment     Cytokine     Enzyme     ECD membrane protein     Secreted protein    
Activity assay     Antigen     HTS     In vivo studies     NMR    
X-ray crystallography     Protein-protein interactions     Other
ASAP Within 1 month Within 3 months Within 6 months