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With over 2 million ORF sequences encompassing 186 species, GenScript offers the world's largest commercial ORF clone database. GenScript's ORF clones are customizable, allowing you to choose from over 180 popular commercial vectors, a list that includes both standard cloning vectors and mammalian/bacterial expression vectors. You can also design your own, customized mutant ORFs based on their associated wild type sequences.

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Search Help

Your can enter the following as search terms:

  • Entrez Gene ID (e.g. 7157)
  • gene symbol (e.g. TP53)
  • gene name (e.g. tumor protein p53)
  • gene synonyms (e.g. FLJ92943)
  • Ensembl ID (e.g. ENSG0000141510)
  • RefSeq Accession (e.g. NM_000546)
  • Species can be input after the keyword, using format "keyword [species:$species]" where $species can be name of species (like human or rat) or taxon id (like 9606).

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