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Comprehensive Products for Drug
Discovery & Functional Assay Development

Other Products: Drug Discovery and Beyond

GenScript offers a comprehensive catalog of products for drug discovery, quality control and functional assay development. We provide a variety of GPCR and ion-channel stable cell lines that cover a wide range of targets for drug development. Additionally, GenScript offers an extensive catalog of peptides and biochemicals for laboratory applications at the molecular, biochemical and preclinical level. To ensure the highest confidence in your laboratory results, GenScript offers one of the most reliable endotoxin detection and removal systems on the market, FDA approved and ready to use on parental drugs, biological products and medical devises.

Stable Cell Lines

A wide selection of GPCR & Ion Channel stable cell lines.

  Peptides & Biochemicals

From the largest peptide collection to a world without Alzheimer's.

Endotoxin Detection Kits

ToxinSensor Endotoxin Assay Kits can be widely used in in vitro end-product endotoxin tests.


Save on catalog products from GenScript and make your research easy!