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PAH cDNA ORF clone

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PAH (Phenylalanine hydroxylase) gene, Homo sapiens

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About the PAH gene

PAH gene encodes a member of the biopterin-dependent aromatic amino acid hydroxylase protein family. The encoded phenylalanine hydroxylase enzyme hydroxylates phenylalanine to tyrosine and is the rate-limiting step in phenylalanine catabolism. Deficiency of this enzyme activity results in the autosomal recessive disorder phenylketonuria. [provided by RefSeq, Aug 2017].

Genomic context of PAH gene

The human PAH gene is shown in the context of the human genome below. To see information about the PAH gene in other species, please use the Search tool to select your desired species. GenScript has in-stock ORF clones for mouse PAH, rat PAH, and human PAH, as well as on-demand PAH ORF clones in other 183 species.

Chromosome 12 - NC_000012.12

Genomic sequence of PAH gene

Learn more about PAH gene


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