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Peptide Services

GenScript provides a full spectrum of high-quality custom peptide services ranging from Standard Peptide Synthesis (research and cGMP grade with standard and express deliveries) to high-throughput Peptide Library and Peptide Array synthesis. With our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced chemists using latest technologies, we have delivered over 150,000 custom peptides and are fully capable of meeting the ever-increasing peptide needs in biological and drug discovery research. Read More »

As a result of our proprietary PepPower™ platform and extensive experience, GenScript's success rate for difficult peptide synthesis is 95%, which is well above the industry standard of 75%. Our proficiency in the synthesis of long peptides (up to 200 AA), highly hydrophobic peptides, cyclic peptides, and other difficult peptides is demonstrated by the 2400+ peer-reviewed publications citing our services.

Committed to Quality Peptide Synthesis

Our Total Quality Management (TQM) platform ensures the delivery of high-quality peptides for every project. All custom peptides are manufactured under strict quality control processes.

  • ISO 9001:2008 certifiedwhat's this?.

    The International Organization of Standardization, (ISO) defines quality management standards across industries and national borders. ISO 9001 is a series of documents that establish requirements for Quality Management System (QMS) standards. ISO 9001 certification assures customers that the company has a reliable QMS in place. An organization with an effective QMS will meet customer expectations with greater regularity and precision than an organization that does not.

    GenScript's products and services are certified by ISO 9001:2008, the current and only valid version of the QMS standard.

  • MS, HPLC, and quality control (QC) analyses performed for all custom peptides.
  • Independent quality assurance (QA) procedures follow MS, HPLC, and QC analyses to double guarantee the highest quality possible for every delivered peptide.
  • PhD level technical account managers guide your project through every step of the process, constantly keeping you informed of the latest progress.

Advantages of Peptide Services

  1. High success rate: Our peptide synthesis success rate is 95%, far higher than the industry average of 75%.
  2. Expansive Synthesis Technology Platform: Our PepPower™ platform includes solid phase and liquid phase syntheses, as well as microwave and ligation technologies, which allow us to complete the synthesis of the most complex peptides.
  3. Secure instant online quotations and ordering: Get a quote in seconds by simply entering your sequence, and desired quantity and purity.
  4. High-throughput capacity: Synthesis capacity of over 6000 peptides/month, suitable for rapid delivery of large order volumes and high-throughput libraries.
  5. Extensive experience: Since 2004, our technical expertise has allowed us to provide peptides to thousands of scientists who have published their research in 2400+ peer-reviewed publications.
  6. Complimentary aliquoting and protective packaging: Aliquoting (up to 5 aliquots for free) upon request. ArgonShield™ oxidation and deliquescence protectant is applied to every peptide.

Publications and Case Studies

The depth of our peptide synthesis capabilities are best demonstrated by our case studies and by our customers' publications that cite our services. Click below to view our case studies or to view recent publications.

Customer Testimonials

"I have been using the peptides from your company since 2004. The high quality standard and competitive price of your company will keep us hooked, hopefully for the years to come."

— Dr. Miguel Morales, Universidad de Barcelona, Spain

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Express peptides with faster delivery from just 5 days;
Economical Custom peptides with any sequence, comprehensive modifications, 95% high successful rate

  Standard Peptide Library

For orders of 24 peptides or more; milligram-scale sets of peptides for vaccine development, epitope mapping and drug discovery

Micro-scale Peptide Library

Microgram scale peptide libraries for economical screening applications, such as proteomics and biological assays

  Large-Scale Peptide Synthesis

Multi-gram level custom peptide manufacturing for any application

Peptide Array

For small quantities of 48 peptides or more for protein-protein interaction and enzyme substrate screening

  cGMP Peptide Synthesis

Fully documented, confidential, service for the development of peptide drugs and vaccines

Cosmetic Peptide Synthesis

Large-scale, economically priced, cosmetic peptide manufacturing

  Peptoid Synthesis

Custom peptidomimetics for drug discovery

Click Peptide Synthesis

Special chemistry for soluble ß-amyloid synthesis