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Substance P, Free Acid

Synonyms SPOH
Description The conformation of substance P (free acid) (SPOH) has been investigated in dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO), water and dipalmitoylphosphotidylcholine (DPPC) bilayers by two-dimensional NMR and restraint molecular dynamics simulations. The observed NOE patterns for substance P (free acid) in these media are very much different from each other. The conformation of substance P (free acid) in DPPC bilayers is characterized by gamma-bends at Pro4,Gln6and Phe7, which are stabilized by hydrogen bonding between Lys3CO-->Gln5NH, Gln5CO-->Phe7NH and Gln6CO-->Phe8NH, respectively. The absence of biological activity in SPOH has been attributed to the absence of any helix like structure at the central residues and absence of any interresidue interaction with C-terminal OH group, in DPPC bilayers, a feature shown to be an important prerequisite for SP and SP agonists to bind to the NKI tachykinin receptor.
Cas No 71977-09-8
Sequence Shortening RPKPQQFFGLM
Molecular Formula C63H97N17O14S1
Molecular Weight 1348.7

Purity > 95%
Gmp Flag 0
Anaspec Cat No Arg-Pro-Lys-Pro-Gln-Gln-Phe-Phe-Gly-Leu-Met
Storage Store at -20°C.

Cat. No.
Product Name
[Sar9]-Substance P - 1 mg
[Nle11]-Substance P - 1 mg
Substance P (7-11) - 1 mg
Substance P (1-9) - 1 mg
Substance P (1-7) - 1 mg
Substance P - 5 mg

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Cat. No. RP10185
5 mg $43.00