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Neuropeptide Y (13-36), human

Synonyms NPY 13-36
Description The C-terminal NPY fragment (13-36) [NPY-(13-36)], a Y2 receptor agonist, elicits vasopressor responses upon central administration. The cardiovascular responses of NPY-(13-36), together with the distribution of NPY receptor subtypes within the nucleus tractus solitarius (nTS), have been studied in spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR). Neuropeptide Y (13-36) (NPY 13-36) stimulates both Y2 and Y5 NPY receptor subtypes, but causes no increase in food intake even when injected at high doses, while the full-length NPY is one of the most potent physiological stimulants of feeding yet described. NPY 13-16 inhibits retinotectal transfer in amphibians.
Molecular Formula C134H207N41O36S1
C Terminal NH2
Molecular Weight 3000.41

Purity > 95%
Gmp Flag 0
Storage Store the peptide at -20°C.

Cat. No.
Product Name
Neuropeptide Y, human - 0.5 mg
Murdock RC., etc. Optimization of a Paper-Based ELISA for a Human Performance Biomarker. Anal Chem. 2013 Nov;85(23):11634-42.

Amlal H, et al. Estrogen up-regulates neuropeptide Y Y1 receptor expression in a human breast cancer cell line. Cancer Res. Apr 2006; 66(7): 3706-3714.

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Cat. No. RP10488
5 mg $380.00