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Dermorphin Analog

Description The dermorphin-derived peptide [Dmt1] dermorphin analog labels m-opioid receptors with high affinity and selectivity in receptor binding assays. In mice, radiant heat tail-flick assays, [Dmt1] dermorphin analog produces profound spinal and supraspinal analgesia, being approximately 5000 and 100 times more potent respectively than morphine in causing these analgesia on a molar basis. When administered systemically, [Dmt1] dermorphin analog has been shown to be over 200 times more potent than morphine.
Molecular Formula C44H59N11O10
C Terminal NH2
Molecular Weight 901.43

Purity > 95%
Solubility Dermorphin analog is soluble in water. The contents of this vial have been accurately determined. Both the stopper and the vial have been siliconized. Do not attempt to weigh out a smaller portion of the contents.
Gmp Flag 0
Storage Before use, store dermorphin analog in the DRY form at 0-5°C. For best and most repeatable results, rehydrate the peptide immediately before use. Do not re-freeze any unused portions.

Cat. No.
Product Name
Dermorphin - 5 mg
Buczek O, et al. Characterization of D-amino-acid-containing excitatory conotoxins and redefinition of the I-conotoxin superfamily. FEBS J. Aug 2005;272(16):4178-4188.

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Cat. No. RP13522
0.5 mg $24.00