Large scale peptide synthesis is more than simply adding more raw materials to the peptide synthesis process. Scale-up requires de novo protocol development, to ensure quality, economical large-scale peptide synthesis. With over 17 years of experience and newly large-scale peptide synthesis platform, our chemists will work to create a smooth, professional scale-up experience from protocol design to product delivery. GenScript offers a large-scale peptide synthesis service with the highest success rate in the industry (over 98%).

Large scale peptide synthesis service retains all of the features of our Standard Custom Peptide Synthesis Service, such as guaranteed high purity, and high synthesis success rate of extremely long peptides (<200 AA). Furthermore, preliminary cost analysis, project review, R&D, process optimization, and detailed QC reports are used to ensure the successful and efficient delivery of your peptides.

Advantages of Large-scale Peptide Synthesis Service

Flexible Scalability

Up to 2 kilogram

High Success Rate

Over 98% success rate

Industry Experts

One-on-one project management

Cost Effective

Fully automated synthesizer

Large-scale Peptide Synthesis Service Specifications

Standard Features
Purity ≥98%
Quantity Up to 2 kilogram
Length <200 AA
Customizable Feature
Regular teleconference Yes
Free sample preparation Option
Process optimization Yes
Customized analysis testing* Option
Analytical method development Yes
Customer-requested package & delivery Yes
Lyophilized peptide deliverable Yes
Quality certifications Yes
R&D report Option
Production reports Option
Parameter qualification & report Option

Note: * >Learn more about available customized analysis testing. Contact us for more information on large-scale peptide production.

Popular Applications of Large-scale Peptide

Peptide Drug & Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)



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