As a pioneer in the life science research service industry, GenScript developed PepPower™, the advanced peptide synthesis platform, to synthesize high quality Custom peptide, Express peptide, Peptide library, Peptide array and other related peptide services in industry leading speed. Empowered by PepPower™ platform, GenScript can secure > 95% peptide synthesis success rate (much higher than the industrial average 75%) and the successful delivery of the most difficult and long peptides with a high product yield.

PepPower™ platform is built based on our state-of-the-art facility that is equipped with fully automated synthesizers for liquid and solid phase peptide synthesis (LPPS and SPPS), microwave technologies, and proprietary ligation technologies.

Combined technology:SPPS & LPPS

— Solid and Liquid phase peptide synthesis

Liquid phase peptide synthesis (LPPS) and solid phase peptide synthesis (SPPS) are two main peptide synthesis strategies.

  • LPPS, a classic synthesis method commonly used for synthesis of large-scale peptide, convergent peptide and most difficult peptide;
  • SPPS, a commonly used peptide synthesis method. Instead of completely dispersed in liquid, SPPS utilize a solid phase, like resin, as a support, which can improve the efficiency in a large extend. There are two significant advantages of SPPS: One is that the resin can protect the C-terminal amino acid to avoid any side reaction; The other one is that SPPS is easy to separate peptide products. Also, SPPS allows peptide to be synthesized in a high-throughput way.

With the combination of SPPS and LPPS, PepPower™ can take full advantages of both technologies to flexibly choose LPPS or SPPS that best suits your project.

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Advanced Microwave technology

— Efficient, high-yield peptide synthesis

GenScript's microwave-based PepPower™ technology is an innovative technology that is able to increase peptide yield vastly and improve efficiency by decreasing the time required for each coupling and deprotection cycle.

The microwave energy delivered prevents the growing peptide chain from folding or forming aggregates, and facilitates chemical bonding. That is, through microwave, peptides can be easily and efficiently stitched together, allowing the synthesis of longer peptides and the introduction of various modifications to peptide chains, including the addition of sugars and other groups.

With microwave technology, we can synthesize phosphor peptides with relative ease. Most important, microwave technology helps shorten peptide turnaround time, which allows us to launch Express Peptide Service that can deliver peptides in as fast as 5 days.

How fast can peptide synthesis be? Check our Express peptide synthesis case.

Microwave Technology

Ligation Technology

— Long peptide synthesis (up to 200 AA)

PepPower™ employs proprietary ligation techniques which allow us to achieve high yields of very long peptides, namely recombinant peptides by two steps:

  • Synthesizing several shorter sequences
  • Ligating them together with high efficiency

GenScript's scientists routinely synthesize peptides 4-50 AAs in length and can synthesize peptides up to 200 AAs long.

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