process development services

Process Development Services

Endotoxin Removal Service

With team of experienced scientists and proprietary development platform, GenScript provides custom services for optimizing growth and production media for target cell lines, defining feeding strategies, studying cell line stability, and increasing production. We also offer a thorough analysis of growth rate, subcultivation ratios, cell mass, and other parameters. Upon request, we can perform additional specific process optimization studies or employ our scaled-down models to predict cell performance.

GenScript can optimize protein purification and process development. For down-stream process, protein purification is typically conducted through affinity column, but we also offer other chromatographic methods including gel filtration, ion exchange, and hydrophobic interactions. The purification tags are removed via a specific protease if desired, and the protein is further purified by gel filtration.

Stable cell line development

GenScript is proud of offering its years of demonstrative and professional custom services in creation and selection of stable clones for protein production.

Upstream process development

Professional technology and strict process control ensures that effectively enhance the protein expression capacity of cell lines.

Downstream process development

Combinations of various optimized methods and condition can ensure that the customers receive the maximum amount of target protein with the maximum purity.

Quotations and Ordering

To request a quotation, please contact us via our toll-free phone, email, fax, or our secure online messaging system. Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday to assist you.