Product Returns

Product Return Policy

Condition of Returned Items: All returned products must be unopened and stored at the appropriate temperature to ensure their integrity.

Exclusions: Returns are accepted for product purchases only; service orders are not eligible for return.

Restocking Fees:

  • Room Temperature (RT) Shipments: A 15% restocking fee applies.
  • Ice Shipments: A 30% restocking fee applies.

Shipping Fees: Original shipping and handling fees are non-refundable.

Time Frame: All return requests must be made within 30 days of receiving the product.

Return Shipment Process

Return Shipments to GenScript: Customers must obtain a return material authorization (RMA) from GenScript before returning any products. To initiate the return process, submit a return material request to [email protected]. Once the RMA is issued, please ship the authorized products to GenScript’s facilities in their original packaging, following the provided instructions.

For reagents, if the original packaging is unavailable or damaged, customers may use new boxes, ice packs, etc., ensuring that they adequately protect the products and maintain proper shipping and storage conditions. Detailed instructions and clarifications can be obtained by contacting the RMA team at [email protected].

For instrumentation, if the original packaging is unavailable or damaged, customers must place an order with GenScript to receive new packaging for the return shipment. GenScript reserves the right to discontinue warranty coverage for the product if the original instrument packaging is compromised or replaced with an alternative.

Customer Site-to-Site Instrument Shipments: If the relocation of a GenScript instrument to a different site is necessary, the customer must utilize the product’s original packaging for shipment to the designated site.

General Terms & Conditions: Failure to adhere to GenScript’s operational, shipment, and product instructions may void the product’s performance specifications and warranty terms.


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