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Protein L Resin

GenScript Protein L Resin is an affinity chromatography medium designed for easy, one-step purification of classes, subclasses and fragments of immunoglobulins from biological fluids and from cell culture media.  The highly purified protein L ligand is coupled to 4% agarose. The coupling is optimized to give high binding capacity for immunoglobulins. The static binding capacity of Protein L Resin is greater than 15 mg rabbit IgG/ml settled resin. The dynamic binding capacity will vary depending on several factors such as target antibody, flow rate etc. 

Protein L, first isolated from the surface of bacterial species Peptostreptoccus magnus, binds immunoglobulin through κ light chain interaction. Protein L binds a wider range of Ig classes and subclasses than other antibody-binding proteins such as protein A or protein G. It can bind to all classes of Ig (i.e., IgG, IgM, IgA, IgE, and IgD) and also the single chain variable fragments (Scfv) and Fab fragments. 

High temperature heating is not recommended. The agarose melts above 65°C.

Key Features Characteristics of Protein L Resin
Matrix spherical4% agarose
Ligandhighly purified protein L
Binding capacity
≥ 15 mg Human IgG/ml settled resin
Average particle size90 μm (45-165 μm)
Storage solution1X PBS containing 20% ethanol 

Storage Store regenerated Protein L Resin in Binding/Wash Buffer containing 20% ethanol at 2°C to 8°C. Do not freeze.

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Cat. No. L00239
Size Price
2.5 ml Resin (Total 5 ml) $159.50