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Catalog Products » Monofinity A Resin Prepacked Column

Monofinity A Resin Prepacked Column

Protein A affinity chromatography resin is the most commonly applied method for the isolation and purification of IgG. Protein A is a cell wall component found in several strains of Staphylococcus aureus. It has five high affinity binding sites capable of binding specifically to the Fc region of immunoglobulin molecules from several species. Covalently immobilized Protein A matrices have been extensively used to purify IgG from several species of mammals.

GenScript's Monofinity A Resin is made of recombinant protein A as ligand, which not only keeps the specific binding capacity to Fc region of immunoglobulin molecules, but also enhances chemical stability under Cleaning-in-place (CIP) conditions. The typical dynamic binding capacity is more than 30 g human IgG/L settled resin. There is no significant decrease of binding capacity after purification/CIP for 200 cycles. In the meanwhile, the Monofinity A Resin has a low leakage of ligand (< 15 ng ligand/mg IgG) over a number of purification/CIP cycles.

As a high quality antibody purification resin, it is highly suitable for large scale antibody purification, and meets the purification requirements of industry-scale customers.

Product Details 

Cat.No.Product NameVolume suppliedResin content
L00433-55Monofinity A Resin Prepacked Column (5mlx5)5 ml x 5Prepacked column
L00433-51Monofinity A Resin Prepacked Column (5mlx1)5 ml x 1Prepacked column
L00433-11Monofinity A Resin Prepacked Column (1mlx1)1 ml x 1Prepacked column
L00433-15Monofinity A Resin Prepacked Column (1mlx5)1 ml x 5Prepacked column
L00433-25Monofinity A Resin (25ml)
50 ml50% slurry
L00433-200Monofinity A Resin (200ml)400 ml50% slurry
L00433-1Monofinity A Resin (1L)2 L50% slurry
L00433-5Monofinity A Resin (5L)10 L50% slurry
L00433-10Monofinity A Resin (10L)20L50% slurry

Key Features
Key Features
  • High dynamic binding capacity: >30 mg IgG/ml settled resin
  • High recovery rate: >97% in average
  • Enhanced stability: good thermal and chemical stability
  • Low ligand leakage: < 15 ng/mg IgG
  • Reliable scale-up: highly suitable for large scale antibody purification
  • Alkaline tolerance: Clean in place with 0.1 M NaOH

Column compatibility
The 5 mL and 1 mL columns are compatible with ÄKTA™ chromatography systems. Additional adaptors may be needed for other systems. The optimal flow rate is 1 mL/min for the 1 mL column, and 5 mL/min for the 5 mL column. For preserving the column integrity, please do not exceed a flow rate of 4 mL/min for the 1 mL column and 15 mL/min for the 5 mL column (The mobile phase of the test is aqueous buffers at room temperature and the alarm pressure is 0.3 MPa).

Storage Store at 2-8°C, do NOT freeze.

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Cat. No. L00433PREPACKED
Size Price
1 ml prepacked x 1 $169.00
5 ml prepacked x 1 $499.00
1 ml prepacked x 5 $549.00
5 ml prepacked x 5 $1809.00