Fina Biosolutions, a leading provider of conjugate vaccine laboratory and consulting services for the Biotech and Vaccine industry, is focused on assisting vaccine developers and manufacturers in producing cost-effective conjugate vaccines. With their revolutionary work, Fina Bio has found value in GenScript's automated protein analysis solutions, including the eStain™ Protein Staining Device, SurePAGE™ Precast Gel, and eBlot™ Automated Protein Transfer Device.

In a recent conversation with the founder and senior scientist from Fina Bio, Dr. Andrew Lees, and Dr. Min-ju Chang, respectively, we discussed how GenScript solutions enhanced their work efficiency and provided reliability for the Fina Biosolutions team.


Can you share your experience with the various GenScript Protein Analysis and Electrophoresis solutions?

FinaBio: We would like to start with my favorite solution from GenScript, the eStain device. We got our first unit in 2019, and after extensive use, we acquired a second unit in 2022. This automated protein staining device has been a hit in our lab for its ease of use, flexible functionality, and affordability. The solution reduced staining time from 2-3 hours to just 10 minutes, with consistent quality. Our team of scientists relies on eStain for all our protein staining work.
The second device that has become instrumental in our workflow is the eBlot automated transfer device, which saves us time and generates reliable results. Those are the two key factors we value in your automation products.
The third product from GenScript to highlight is the SurePAGE gel. We find the gels to be the best on the market. The bands are sharper and crisper, while the gels are highly stable, even generating great results after being left at room temperature for several months. One of our favorite features is the large well size, allowing for more sample loading volume than other gels, making it highly convenient for our work. It's also convenient to order the pre-stained ladder with the gels, which is suitable for both gel electrophoresis and Western blot.

Can you describe how your workflow was before adopting the GenScript solutions?

FinaBio: Going back to the eStain solution, before automating our staining workflow, we relied on manual staining, which was very labor-intensive and slow. We also tried the fast-staining solutions for backup needs. Despite claims of fast or instant staining from some alternatives, the reliability, minimal hands-on involvement, and reduced variability offered by the automated eStain make it the preferred choice. eStain helps standardize the workflow and maintain quality consistency across sample varieties. I would say no one should be doing manual staining when there is a readily available automated solution in the market, such as the eStain.


How do GenScript's automated protein analysis solutions help your business?

FinaBio: Well, as a CRO company involved in a lot of protein expression and development work, the demand for fast, reliable, and affordable solutions is constant. GenScript's solutions make our daily work schedule very predictable, ensuring timely completion with great reliability and consistency.


Can you share any additional comments?

FinaBio: GenScript's service team, including the local Sales rep and technical support team, is excellent. Easy access to your team to address our needs is very helpful.
GenScript's valued products make it easy for us to secure funds when the need arises for a new device. The next GenScript instrument we are considering is the AmMag SA Plus, the automated protein/antibody purification instrument when our need for protein purification grows.
Besides instruments and consumables, we appreciate GenScript's gene synthesis services for their fast turnaround time and affordable prices. We are pleased to have discovered GenScript and will keep our business with GenScript to explore more products.

Interview conducted by Monica Sun, Product Manager at GenScript's Products Division.

About Fina Biosolutions LLC

Fina Biosolutions LLC is a privately held research and development stage biotechnology company that discovers, develops, and collaborates to commercialize novel vaccine conjugates for the prevention of life-threatening diseases. Fina has patented novel techniques to conjugate, purify, and manufacture conjugates using its proprietary chemistry to create complex conjugate vaccines. The technology is currently licensed by leading vaccine manufacturers in both Europe and Asia, including GlaxoSmithKline for marketed vaccines Synflorix™ Menitorix™, Nimenrix™, The Serum Institute of India Ltd., The Chengdu Institute of Biological Products and others.

Andrew Lees

CEO and Chief Scientific Officer at Fina BioSolutions LLC

Dr. Andrew Lees, founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Fina Biosolutions, holds over 25 patents and is the author or co-author of more than 75 peer-reviewed papers. GlaxoSmithKline, the Serum Institute of India, the Chengdu Institute of Biological Products, and others all use conjugation chemistry (CDAP) developed by Dr. Lees in their S. pneumonia and meningococcal conjugate vaccines. Dr. Lees is also an adjunct professor at the University of Maryland School of Medicine's Center for Vaccine Development, the Department of Medicine at the Uniformed Services University, and the Department of Chemistry at the University of Toledo.

Min-ju Chang

Senior Scientist at Fina BioSolutions LLC

Dr. Chang is a highly skilled bioprocess specialist with expertise in E. coli and baculovirus systems for protein expression. With over ten years of experience in molecular and cell biology across eukaryotic and prokaryotic systems, Dr. Chang excels in bioprocess optimization, encompassing gene manipulation, bacteria strain selection, batch and small-scale fermentation, and protein purification. Dr. Chang has also mastered the development of enzymatic assays and is adept at troubleshooting and innovating methodologies.


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