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GenScript recombinant protein learning resources

GenScript recombinant protein learning resources

GenScript recombinant protein learning resources function as a centralized place to expand your knowledge on protein expression and purification related topics – from general overview to specific topics, such as fusion partners, chaperones, expression optimization and purification strategies. Here, you can get practical production tips on recombinant protein expression & purification, directly from the experts to streamline your research and avoid common pitfalls in your experimental design.

Centralized protein knowledge repository

  • Protein expression & purification overview

    Protein expression & purification overview

    An overview of common challenges & solutions in every step of protein expression & purification

  • Optimize protein expression

    Optimize protein expression overview

    Working on protein expression optimization? Leverage our expertise to simplify this process

  • Improve protein solubility

    Improve protein solubility overview

    Protein expressed into inclusion bodies? Learn how fusion partners help to resolve the issue.

  • Protein purification strategies

    Protein purification strategies overview

    Too much protein loss during purification? Learn how to apply the optimal protein purification strategy

GenScript's recombinant protein production expertise

GenScript has successfully delivered >5300 high quality recombinant proteins including trans-membrane proteins, co-expression proteins, proteases, kinases, cytokines, growth factors, viral envelope proteins, nuclear hormone receptors and antibodies. With >12 years of experience in protein production, GenScript has been a reliable partner to scientists in >80 countries around the world. Check out 2 of our popular recombinant protein expression services below and accelerate your research today!

GenScript custom recombinant protein services

Producing high quality custom recombinant proteins for >12 years

Bacterial protein expression
Mammalian protein expression
3-10mg purified protein guaranteed
  • Gene synthesis included
  • ≥75%, ≥85%, ≥90% purity options
  • Tag or tag-free protein
  • Multiple endotoxin level options
  • Starting from $2200

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Guarantee production of recombinant protein or antibody
  • Starts with gene synthesis or customer supplied DNA
  • Choose from CHO and HEK 293 cells
  • Starting from $2000

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For more information about any other protein services, please visit our recombinant protein services main page or contact us using the information listed below.

GenScript recombinant protein learning resources

Quotations and ordering

GenScript recombinant protein learning resources quotations & ordering

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