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Protein phosphorylation-specific antibody services

Phosphorylation-Specific Antibody Production Services
(Custom Antibodies for Detection of Protein Phosphorylation)

Protein phosphorylation-specific antibody services quotation

GenScript provides customizable protein phosphorylation-specific polyclonal and monoclonal antibody services with a success rate of over 95%. Post-translational modifications of proteins, in particular, protein phosphorylation, are involved in almost all cellular events, making their detection vital for the study of numerous developmental disorders and human diseases. Our affinity-purified phospho-specific antibodies detect specific protein phosphorylation from complex cellular protein mixtures with high sensitivity. The high specificity and high sensitivity of our protein phosphorylation-specific antibodies is made possible by technological innovations including our advanced OptimumAntigen™ design tool, proprietary immunization adjuvant, optimized specificity screening and antibody purification.

Key Features of Phospho-Specific Antibody Services
(Highly Specific Antibodies for Protein Phosphorylation Detection)

Details of Phospho-Specific Antibody Packages for Protein Phosphorylation Detection

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Deliverables and Guarantees
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Phospho-specific Polyclonal Antibody Package
(2 rabbits)
(Cat. No: SC1044)
Target antigen/protein sequence
Final Deliverables
  • 1-15 mg purified antibody
  • 0.1 mg "pan" antibody
  • 5 mg phosphopeptide (<15aa, 90% purity)
  • 5 mg non-phosphopeptide (<15aa, 90% purity)
  • 1-2 ml of pre-immune serum
  • ELISA results (for both phosphopeptide and non-phosphopeptide), MS and HPLC reports
17 weeks
Protein phosphorylation-specific antibody services quotation
  • ELISA titer of ≥1:64,000 for purified Ab with immunogen and less than 10% cross reactivity with non-phospho peptide
MonoExpress™ Phospho-specific
Antibody Package
(5 Balb/c mice or 3 rats)
(Cat. No: SC1659)
Target antigen/protein sequence
First Deliverables
  • Up to 5 supernatants
First Delivery 10-11 weeks
Protein phosphorylation-specific monoclonal antibody services quotation
Final Deliverables
  • Up to 5 hybridoma cell lines
  • 2 mg purified antibody
  • 2 mg phosphopeptide (<15aa, 90% purity)
  • 2 mg non-phosphopeptide (<15aa, 90% purity)
  • ELISA results (both for phosphopeptide and nonphosphopeptide), MS and HPLC reports
  • 2-5 hybridoma cell lines & at least one with ELISA titer of ≥1:64,000 for purified Ab with immunogen and less than 10% cross reactivity with non-phospho peptide
Custom poly or monoclonal phospho-specific package
Your own physical antigen
Varies with custom package design
Varies with custom design
  1. Protein phosphorylation-specific antibody services quotation
  2. When ready to order, physically mail with antigen
    Custom Antibody Production

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Ordering Process for Protein Phosphorylation-Specific Antibody Services

order process of protein phosphorylation-specific antibody services

Read protein phosphorylation-specific package protocol details.

* For collection and purification of antibodies from separated animals, a total of 2 ml of pre-immune serum (1 ml from each of the 2 animals) are provided. For antibody purification from pooled serum, 1 ml of pre-immune serum is provided.

**Guarantee applies only if peptide antigens were designed, synthesized, and conjugated by GenScript.

***Please e-mail or fax the Antigen Submission Form and quotation request (for custom packages only) to GenScript:

Antibody Services, GenScript 860 Centennial Avenue Piscataway, NJ 08854, USA