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Catalog Products » Recombinant Proteins » Virus Antigens » HDV,Hepatitis D Virus Antigen

Hepatitis D Virus Antigen

*This product has been discontinued!*
Synonyms Hepatitis D;
Description Hepatitis D Virus (HDV) is an E. coli derived recombinant. The protein Hepatitis D Virus (HDV) contains the HDV immunodominant regions. The hepatitis D virus (also called delta virus) is a small circular RNA virus. The hepatitis D virus is replication defective and therefore cannot propagate in the absence of another virus. In humans, hepatitis D virus infection only occurs in the presence of hepatitis B infection. Hepatitis D virus infection is transmitted by blood and blood products. The risk factors for infection are similar to those for hepatitis B virus infection. The hepatitis D virus most often infects intravenous drug users.
Source E. coli

Specificity Immunoreactive with sera of HDV-infected individuals.
Purity Protein is >90% pure as determined by 10% PAGE (coomassie staining).
Concentration 1 mg/ml in 10 mM CBB, pH10.0, 100 mM NaCl, 50% glycerol.
Stability Five years frozen. One month in solution at room temperature.
Storage Protein is shipped at ambient temperature. Upon arrival, store at -20°C.
Note ;

Antigen in ELISA and Western blots, excellent antigen for detection of HDV with minimal specificity problems.

Huang IC, et al. Induction of hepatitis D virus large antigen translocation to the cytoplasm by hepatitis B virus surface antigens correlates with endoplasmic reticulum stress and NF-kappaB activation. J. Gen. Virol. Jun 2006; 87(Pt 6): 1715-1723.

Xu D, et al. Circulating and liver resident CD4+CD25+ regulatory T cells actively influence the antiviral immune response and disease progression in patients with hepatitis B. J. Immunol. Jul 2006; 177(1): 739-747.

Gudima SO, et al. Restoration in vivo of defective hepatitis delta virus RNA genomes. RNA. Jun 2006; 12(6): 1061-1073.

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