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PROTential™ Protein Expression Evaluation & Optimization Services

Protein Expression Services quotation

Small-scale protein expression testing is an essential, predictive step in any protein production campaign. It enables the identification of clone(s) and condition(s) that would produce recombinant soluble protein. In this regard, PROTential™ is a novel, protein expression evaluation service that allows GenScript's existing gene synthesis customers to test expression conditions of their gene(s) in the expression system(s) of their choice. In addition to our high quality, low cost, standard evaluation package, we also offer protein expression optimization packages (Silver & Gold packages) that can boost your target protein expression over 10 folds.


PROTential™ Packages

Service Type
Expression System(s)
Protein Expression Evaluation
1-2 weeks
  • Test 1 condition for soluble expression in a customer chosen bacterial strain
3-4 weeks
  • Test 1 condition for soluble expression in Sf9, Sf21, S2 or Hi-5 cells
3-4 weeks
  • Test 1 condition for soluble expression in CHO or 293 cells
All 3 Systems
3-4 weeks
  • Test soluble expression 1 condition/expression system (E.coli, Insect, Mammalian); total 3 systems
Protein Expression Optimization
E.coli (SC1667)
Protein Expression Services quotation
2-3 weeks
  • Test 8 different conditions
  • Optimize growth temperature, media components & inducer concentrations
  • Identify the best expression condition with your chosen vector and bacterial strain
Protein Expression Optimization
E.coli (SC1668)
Protein Expression Services quotation
4-8 weeks
  • Test 48 different conditions
  • Optimize growth temperatures, media components, inducer concentrations, promoters, host cell strains & fusion partners
  • Robust, industry-first, high-throughput expression and solubility optimization matrix

Purified protein won't be delivered in PROTential™ packages.

For all PROTential™ packages with bacterial expression system, a 1L expression with 1-step purification can be an add-on for just $600 more [except Flag-tagged proteins which cost $800 more for 1L expression and purification step.



Stuck with a dead-end construct that yields little or no soluble protein? Don't get frustrated, get PROTential™.

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