Quantitative PCR (qPCR), also known as real-time PCR, is a common technique utilized in basic research and clinical molecular diagnostic applications. It is widely used to diagnose infectious diseases, cancer, genetic-based diseases and to facilitate precision medicine.

GenScript provides customized qPCR probes and oligo primers with application-based QC standards to support your qPCR experiments and MDx kit.

Competitive Advantages

Low exogenous contamination

  • Clean 1-2 time every day, internal monitoring of human/E.coli/COVID gene in clean room biweekly
  • Avoid NTC interference for credible results

High precision & sensitivity

  • High precision with CV value as low as 0.57%
  • High sensitivity with high detection rate up to 100%

Enhanced fluorescence

  • Optimize pH control & buffer and add extra process to increase stability of modification
  • Consistent Ct in different bathes ensure stability of qPCR kit

Stable quality & consistency

  • Consistent Ct in different bathes ensure stability of qPCR kit
  • Regularly fluorescence enzyme digestion increase to ensure the stability of modification between batches



Type Purification Methods* Length (nt) Deliverables Lead Time and Price
qPCR probes HPLC+ 15-30 • Single tube or 96-well plate
• Dry powder or solution
• COA file
Please inquire
qPCR oligo HPLC+ 15-59

* HPLC + purification: The purification process developed and optimized for molecular diagnostics is completed in a clean laboratory. Before purification of each oligo, the column is thoroughly cleared of residues by multiple special rinsing procedures, and the different oligo are kept reasonably spaced apart and purified separately to avoid exogenous contamination to the greatest extent, with no peaks at NTC within 40 cycles. For more information on other purification methods, please ask for details.

Please find more customized QC information in Oligo Quality Control Service>>.

GenScript provides ISO 13485 certified qPCR probes and oligo for customers who need clinical declaration of kits.

Modification/Labeling/ Multiple Labeling: click & view the modification list>>

Modified Bases Phosphorothioates Phosphorylation Spacers
Amino Linkers Disulfide Linkers Biotin Quenchers
Fluorophores Electrochemical Labeling

GenScript is expert in multiple labeling within a single oligo. Please complete a quote for multiple labeling.

Popular Application

Pathogen testing

Pathogen testing

Tumor screening

Tumor screening

Personalized drug administration

Personalized drug administration

qPCR in academic research

qPCR in academic research



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