CRISPR RNA/Cas9 Protein Ordering

Search our gRNA database to find validated crRNA sequences targeting any human or mouse gene.  This is the fastest way to order your crRNA sequences.

If you need custom crRNA sequence design (e.g. for knock-in, for targeting non-coding genomic regions, or for species other than mouse or human), please use the form below.  

Plasmid Ordering Information CRISPR/Cas9 crRNAs
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CRISPR/Cas9 tracrRNAs:
Numbers Product Quantity Pricing
GenCRISPR tracrRNA 5 nmol $95
GenCRISPR tracrRNA 10 nmol $125
GenCRISPR tracrRNA 20 nmol $195
Cas9 Protein:
Numbers Product Quantity Pricing
GenCRISPR Sp Cas9 Nuclease 2NLS 10 μg (1 mg/ml) $95
GenCRISPR Sp Cas9 Nuclease 2NLS 25 μg (1 mg/ml) $195
CRISPR/Cas9 Control Kit:
Numbers Product Pricing
GenCRISPR/Cas9 Control Kit $195

GenScript hosts free online searchable genome-wide databases of crRNA sequences that were designed by the laboratory of Feng Zhang at the Broad Institute

Cas9 protein is an essential component for CRISPR gene editing, and is highly recommended to be ordered with your crRNA:tracrRNA.

3 pmol crRNA:tracrRNA together with 3pmol (0.48μg) cas9 protein is recommended for a single transfection in 24-well-plate. 10μg protein is equal to 62.5pmol, sufficient for 20 transfections in 24-well-plate.

HPRT positive control is pre-designed targeting intron of human HPRT gene with verified efficacy in human cells.