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Recombinant Antibody Services

One-stop service from gene to recombinant antibody

Recombinant Antibody Services

On-line quotation for Recombinant antibody services

To meet the increasing demands for recombinant antibody from researchers, GenScript has launched a suite of recombinant antibody services for a variety of downstream applications such as HTS, activity assays, antibody interaction studies, structural work and more.

GenScript uses proprietary transient mammalian expression technology to produce flexible throughput recombinant antibody from microgram to gram quantities. We also provide stable cell line development services for guaranteed gram-level recombinant antibody expression. In addition, we offer the choice of E. coli and insect expression platforms that deliver high quality recombinant antibody fragments, including scFv, VHH, VH and Fab. The best part about our recombinant antibody services is that almost all of them are guaranteed, meaning, you pay only if deliverables meet your requirements. With high quality recombinant antibody, rapid turnaround time and competitive pricing, GenScript has been a reliable research partner to scientists in >86 countries around the world.

Recombinant Antibody (rAb) Services Overview

Expression Service name Deliverables & timelines# Description Price
MamPower™ guaranteed rAb
  • 5mg-500mg rAb
  • ≥95% purity
  • ≥5 weeks
  • rAb amount and purity guaranteed – pay only if deliverables meet your requirements
  • Gene synthesis included at no additional cost
  • No setup fee
Starting from $2,999
Mammalian Transient Expression Services Quotation
HTP Antibody Production
(SC1796, SC1797, SC1945, SC1946)
  • 1-step affinity purified antibody or 10mL of crude supernatant
  • Report & QC data
  • 18 business days
  • For transient recombinant antibody production of samples 4 and up
  • Starts with either codon optimization and gene synthesis or using customer-supplied DNA
  • Deliverables include affinity purified Ab, report & QC data
HTP Mammalian Transient Expression Services Quotation
  • 100mg or higher rAb
  • Purified rAb
  • Expression Report
  • Gene in pUC57
  • QC Report
  • 10-14 Weeks
  • For large scale recombinant antibody production
  • Gene synthesis included
  • Choice between HD-HEK and HD-CHO
  • Up to 3g/L rAb titer possible
Mammalian Stable Expression Services Quotation
  • Stable cell clones
  • ≥4 months
  • Comprehensive stable cell line development capabilities seamlessly integrate all steps of stable cell line generation, delivering high quality stable clones* of your choice
  • Guaranteed, gram level GS expression cell line delivered in 4 months
Mammalian Stable Expression Services Quotation

# For a detailed list of deliverables please visit the respective service webpage.
* GenScript can also deliver stable pool and shorten the production timeline to 30 days.

Transient Expression Service Quotation

Quotations and Ordering

Recombinant antibody services Quotations & Ordering

Our customer service repsentatives are available 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday, to assist you.