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Recombinant Peptide Services

Most peptides can be synthesized by chemical means. However, long peptides (> 150 residues) or complicated peptides (multiple disulfide bonds) are prohibitively expensive to synthesize chemically. GenScript has developed a proprietary recombinant peptide (Cat.No. SC1082) system as a complement to its standard chemical peptide synthesis service. The powerful combination of these two technologies allows GenScript to provide its customers with any peptide, of any length, on any scale.

Key Features

Delivery Specifications

The typical delivery consists of peptides of the required sequence, purity, and quantity and associated QC reports.

How to Order Recombinant Peptides

For quotations, you may also contact us by email, phone (1-732-885-9188), fax (1-732-210-0262), or via our Secure Messaging System.

Orders can be placed with either a PO (Purchase Order) or credit card. Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours, Monday through Friday to assist you.

We accept POs and major credit cards (credit card order). A 7% New Jersey sales tax will be applied to orders shipped to New Jersey. Your credit card will be billed under GenScript Click here to download our credit reference form. For international orders, we must apply the full charge at the time the order is placed. In the unlikely event that any given order cannot be filled, our guarantee will take the form of a full refund.