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A T cell receptor targeting a recurrent driver mutation in FLT3 mediates elimination of primary human acute myeloid leukemia in vivo
Authors: Eirini Giannakopoulou , Madeleine Lehander , Stina Virding Culleton , Weiwen Yang , Yingqian Li , Terhi Karpanen , Tetsuichi Yoshizato , Even H Rustad , Morten Milek Nielsen , Ravi Chand Bollineni , Trung T Tran , Marina Delic-Sarac , Thea Johanne Gjerdingen , Karolos Douvlataniotis , Maarja Laos , Muhammad Ali , Amy Hillen , Stefania Mazzi , Desmond Wai Loon Chin , Adi Mehta , Jeppe Sejerø Holm , Amalie Kai Bentzen , Marie Bill , Marieke Griffioen , Tobias Gedde-Dahl, Sören Lehmann , Sten Eirik W Jacobsen , Petter S Woll , Johanna Olweus
Journal: Nat Cancer .
PubMed ID: 37783807
Doi: 10.1038/s43018-023-00642-8
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Rules and mechanisms governing G protein coupling selectivity of GPCRs
Authors: Ikuo Masuho , Ryoji Kise , Pablo Gainza , Ee Von Moo , Xiaona Li , Ryosuke Tany , Hideko Wakasugi-Masuho , Bruno E Correia , Kirill A Martemyanov
Journal: Cell Rep .
PubMed ID: 37742189
Doi: 10.1016/j.celrep.2023.113173
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Rapid characterization of anti-CRISPR proteins and optogenetically engineered variants using a versatile plasmid interference system
Authors: Guoxu Song, Chunhong Tian, Jiahui Li, Fei Zhang, Yuxin Peng, Xing Gao and Yong Tian
Journal: Nucleic Acids Research
Doi: 10.1093/nar/gkad995
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Plant-Based Meat Analogues Weaken Gastrointestinal Digestive Function and Show Less Digestibility Than Real Meat in Mice
Authors: Yunting Xie , Linlin Cai , Zhiji Huang , Kai Shan , Xinglian Xu , Guanghong Zhou , Chunbao Li
Journal: J Agric Food Chem .
PubMed ID: 36070521
Doi: 10.1021/acs.jafc.2c04246
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Cell-Permeable Stimuli-Responsive Ubiquitin Probe for Time- Resolved Monitoring of Substrate Ubiquitination in Live Cells
Authors: Lu-Jun Liang, Yu Wang, Xiao Hua, Rujing Yuan, Qiong Xia, Rongtian Wang, Chuntong Li, Guo-Chao Chu, Lei Liu, and Yi-Ming Li
Journal: JACS Au
Doi: 10.1021/jacsau.3c00421
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Downregulation of a transcription factor associated with resistance to Bt toxin Vip3Aa in the invasive fall armyworm
Authors: Minghui Jin , Yinxue Shan , Yan Peng , Wenhui Wang , Huihui Zhang , Kaiyu Liu , David G Heckel , Kongming Wu , Bruce E Tabashnik , Yutao Xiao
Journal: Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A .
PubMed ID: 37874855
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Kaempferol inhibits SARS-CoV-2 invasion by impairing heptad repeats-mediated viral fusion
Authors: Junwei Gao , Can Cao , Mingfei Shi , Shihao Hong , Shijie Guo , Jing Li , Tengxiao Liang , Ping Song , Ruodan Xu , Ning Li
Journal: Phytomedicine .
PubMed ID: 37421767
Doi: 10.1016/j.phymed.2023.154942
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An artificially split class 3 intein
Authors: Tia M Ariagno , John S Smetana , Christopher W Lennon
Journal: MicroPubl Biol .
PubMed ID: 37811346
Doi: 10.17912/micropub.biology.000977
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Prime editor-mediated functional reshaping of ACE2 prevents the entry of multiple human coronaviruses, including SARS-CoV-2 variants
Authors: Wenwen Zhao, Jifang Li, Xiao Wang, Wei Xu, Bao-Qing Gao, Jiangchao Xiang, Yaofeng Hou, Wei Liu, Jing Wu, Qilian Qi, Jia Wei, Xiaoyu Yang, Lu Lu,Li Yang, Jia Chen, Bei Yang
Journal: MedComm.
Doi: 10.1002/mco2.356
Bispecific antibody CD73xEGFR more selectively inhibits the CD73/adenosine immune checkpoint on cancer cells and concurrently counteracts pro-oncogenic activities of CD73 and EGFR
Authors: Emily Maria Ploeg , Douwe Freerk Samplonius, Xiao Xiong , Xiurong Ke, Mark Alexander Johannes Martinus Hendriks , Isabel Britsch , Anne Paulien van Wijngaarden , Hao Zhang , Wijnand Helfrich
Journal: J Immunother Cancer .
PubMed ID: 37734877
Doi: 10.1136/jitc-2023-006837
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