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Screening of potent neutralizing antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 using convalescent patients-derived phage-display libraries
Authors: Yongbing Pan, Jianhui Du, Jia Liu, Hai Wu, Fang Gui, Nan Zhang, Xiaojie Deng, Gang Song, Yufeng Li, Jia Lu, Xiaoli Wu, ShanShan Zhan, Zhaofei Jing, Jiong Wang, Yimin Yang, Jianbang Liu, Ying Chen, Qin Chen, Huanyu Zhang, Hengrui Hu, Kai Duan, Manli Wang, Qisheng Wang, Xiaoming Yang
Journal: Cell Discov
PubMed ID: 34315862
Doi: 10.1038/s41421-021-00295-w
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Cross-reactivity of mouse IgG subclasses to human Fc gamma receptors: Antibody deglycosylation only eliminates IgG2b binding
Authors: Temming AR,Bentlage AEH,de Taeye SW,Bosman GP,Lissenberg-Thunnissen SN,Derksen NIL,Brasser G,Mok JY,van Esch WJE,Howie HL,Zimring JC,Vidarsson G
Journal: Molecular immunology
PubMed ID: 32947169
Doi: 10.1016/j.molimm.2020.08.015
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Impact of Human FcγR Gene Polymorphisms on IgG-Triggered Cytokine Release: Critical Importance of Cell Assay Format.
Authors: HussainKhiyam, HargreavesChantal E, RowleyTania F, SoppJoshua M, LathamKate V, BhattaPallavi, SheringtonJohn, CutlerRona M, HumphreysDavid P, GlennieMartin J, StreffordJonathan C, CraggMa
Journal: Front Immunol
PubMed ID: 30899264
Doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2019.00390
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Optimization of 4-1BB antibody for cancer immunotherapy by balancing agonistic strength with FcγR affinity.
Authors: QiXinyue,LiFanlin,WuYi,ChengChen,HanPing,WangJieyi,YangXuan
Journal: Nat Commun
PubMed ID: 31105267
Doi: 10.1038/s41467-019-10088-1
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FcγR interaction is not required for effective anti-PD-L1 immunotherapy but can add additional benefit depending on the tumor model.
Authors: Sow HS, Benonisson H, Breukel C, Visser R, Verhagen OJHM, Bentlage AEH, Brouwers C, Claassens JWC, Linssen MM, Camps M, van Hall T, Ossendorp F, Fransen MF, Vidarsson G, Verbeek JS.
Journal: Int J Cancer
PubMed ID: 30259976
Doi: 10.1002/ijc.31899
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Mimicking the extracellular matrix with functionalized, metal-assembled collagen peptide scaffolds.
Authors: V Hernandez-Gordillo, J Chmielewski.
Journal: Biomaterials. 35(26):7363-73
PubMed ID: 24933513
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Gene delivery of bone morphogenetic protein-2 plasmid DNA promotes bone formation in a large animal model.
Authors: Fiona Wegman, Ruth E. Geuze, Yvonne J. van der Helm, F. Cumhur Öner, Wouter J.A. Dhert, Jacqueline Alblas.
Journal: J Tissue Eng Regen Med.
PubMed ID: 22888035
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