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Structure-function analysis of Cdc25 degradation at the maternal-to-zygotic transition
Authors: Patrick L Ferree, Maggie Xing, Jenny Q Zhang, Stefano Di Talia
Journal: Fly (Austin)
PubMed ID: 35227166
Doi: 10.1080/19336934.2022.2043095
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Targeting the activity of T cells by membrane surface redox regulation for cancer theranostics
Authors: Changrong Shi , Qianyu Zhang , Yuying Yao , Fantian Zeng , Chao Du , Sureya Nijiati , Xuejun Wen , Xinyi Zhang , Hongzhang Yang , Haoting Chen , Zhide Guo , Xianzhong Zhang , Jinhao Gao , Weisheng Guo , Xiaoyuan Chen , Zijian Zhou
Journal: Nat Nanotechnol
PubMed ID: 36536041
Doi: 10.1038/s41565-022-01261-7
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Combining intramuscular and intranasal homologous prime-boost with a chimpanzee adenovirus-based COVID-19 vaccine elicits potent humoral and cellular immune responses in mice
Authors: Xingxing Li , Ling Wang , Jingjing Liu , Enyue Fang , Xiaohui Liu , Qinhua Peng , Zelun Zhang , Miao Li , Xinyu Liu , Xiaohong Wu , Danhua Zhao , Lihong Yang , Jia Li , Shouchun Cao , Yanqiu Huang , Leitai Shi , Hongshan Xu , Yunpeng Wang , Yue Suo , Guangzhi Yue , Jianhui Nie , Weijin Huang , Wenjuan Li , Yuhua Li
Journal: Emerg Microbes Infect
PubMed ID: 35775819
Doi: 10.1080/22221751.2022.2097479
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A frontline, rapid, nucleic acid-based Fusarium circinatum detection system using CRISPR/Cas12a combined with recombinase polymerase amplification
Authors: Zhenpeng Chen , Xiao Yang , Hongming Xia , Cuiping Wu , Jing Yang , Tingting Dai
Journal: Plant Dis
PubMed ID: 36480733
Doi: 10.1094/PDIS-05-22-1234-RE
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Mitochondrial GPAT-derived LPA controls auxin-dependent embryonic and postembryonic development
Authors: Qianru Jia , Yang Bai , Hui Xu , Qingyun Liu , Wenyan Li , Teng Li , Feng Lin , Like Shen , Wei Xuan , Wenhua Zhang , Qun Zhang
Journal: Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
PubMed ID: 36454754
Doi: 10.1073/pnas.2212881119
clbP Gene, a Potential New Member of the -Lactamase Family
Authors: Adel Azour , Charbel Al-Bayssari , Lucile Pinault , Saïd Azza , Jean-Marc Rolain ,Seydina M. Diene
Journal: Int. J. Mol. Sci
Doi: ijms232415642
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Bazi Bushen capsule attenuates cognitive deficits by inhibiting microglia activation and cellular senescence
Authors: Chuanyuan Ji, Cong Wei, Mengnan Li, Shuang Shen, Shixiong Zhang, Yunlong Hou, Yiling Wu
Journal: Pharm Biol
PubMed ID: 36263579
Doi: 10.1080/13880209.2022.2131839
Cell membrane-camouflaged liposomes and neo-peptide-loaded liposomes with TLR agonist R848 provides a prime and boost strategy for efficient personalized cancer vaccine therapy
Authors: Lu Shi , Hongchen Gu
Journal: Nanomedicine
PubMed ID: 36584738
Doi: 10.1016/j.nano.2022.102648
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EYFP fusions to HD-Zip IV transcription factors enhance their stability and lead to phenotypic changes in
Authors: Bibek Subedi, Kathrin Schrick
Journal: Plant Signal Behav
PubMed ID: 36154907
Doi: 10.1080/15592324.2022.2119013
Design of a H O -generating P450 fusion protein for high yield fatty acid conversion
Authors: Daniele Giuriato, Danilo Correddu, Gianluca Catucci, Giovanna Di Nardo, Cristiano Bolchi, Marco Pallavicini, Gianfranco Gilardi
Journal: Protein Sci
PubMed ID: 36334042
Doi: 10.1002/pro.4501
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