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RNA silencing is induced by the expression of foreign recombinant products in transgenic rice.

Plant Sci.. 2014-08;  225:138-146
Lijun Yang, Taiji Kawakatsu, Yuhya Wakasa, Masato Yoine, Fumio Takaiwa. Functional Transgenic Crops Research Unit, Genetically Modified Organism Research Center, National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences, Kannondai 2-1-2, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8602, Japan.
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RNA silencing plays important roles in the regulation of gene expression in eukaryotes. We previously reported that RNA silencing of a linked endogenous gene and a transgene in transgenic rice seeds can be induced by the expression of foreign recombinant mGLP-1, which acts as a silencing-inducible sequence through RNA interference. In this study, we found that the induction of RNA silencing by foreign transgenes is not restricted to mGLP-1 but is observed in many other genes as a relatively general phenomenon, as several foreign genes were involved in inducing RNA silencing in the same manner as mGLP-1 in transgenic rice. We detected 21-24-nt siRNAs using both sense and antisense probes specific to the silenced... More


RNA silencing; siRNA; Oryza sativa L.; Co-suppression; Transgene; Transcript read-through