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The B-Raf(V600E) inhibitor dabrafenib selectively inhibits RIP3 and alleviates acetaminophen-induced liver injury.

Cell Death Dis.. 2014-06;  5:e1278
Li JX, Feng JM, Wang Y, Li XH, Chen XX, Su Y, Shen YY, Chen Y, Xiong, Yang CH, Ding J, Miao ZH. Division of Antitumor Pharmacology, State Key Laboratory of Drug Research, Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 555 Zu Chong Zhi Road, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Shanghai 201203, China.
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Receptor-interacting protein (RIP)3 is a critical regulator of necroptosis and has been demonstrated to be associated with various diseases, suggesting that its inhibitors are promising in the clinic. However, there have been few RIP3 inhibitors reported as yet. B-Raf(V600E) inhibitors are an important anticancer drug class for metastatic melanoma therapy. In this study, we found that 6 B-Raf inhibitors could inhibit RIP3 enzymatic activity in vitro. Among them, dabrafenib showed the most potent inhibition on RIP3, which was achieved by its ATP-competitive binding to the enzyme. Dabrafenib displayed highly selective inhibition on RIP3 over RIP1, RIP2 and RIP5. Moreover, only dabrafenib rescued cells from RIP3-m... More