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Purification and characterization of GAD65-specific monoclonal autoantibodies [version 1; referees: awaiting peer review.

F1000 Res.. 2016-04; 
W Jiang, H Macmillan, AM Madec, ED Mellins.
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Autoantibodies against antigens expressed by insulin-producing β cells are circulating in both healthy individuals and patients at risk of developing Type 1 diabetes. Recent studies suggest that another set of antibodies (anti-idiotypic antibodies) exists in this antibody/antigen interacting network to regulate auto-reactive responses. Anti-idiotypic antibodies may block the antigen-binding site of autoantibodies or inhibit autoantibody expression and secretion. The equilibrium between autoantibodies and anti-idiotypic antibodies plays a critical role in mediating or preventing autoimmunity. In order to investigate the molecular mechanisms underlying such a network in autoimmunity and potentially develop neut... More