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Chemerin-induced arterial contraction is G- and calcium-dependent.

Vascul. Pharmacol.. 2017-01; 
FerlandDavid J, DariosEmma S, NeubigRichard R, SjögrenBenita, TruongNguyen, TorresRosa, DexheimerThomas S, ThompsonJanice M, WattsStephan
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Recombinant Proteins … ip). 2.2. Chemicals. Chemerin-9 was purchased from GenScript (#RP20248, Piscataway, NJ, USA), recombinant chemerin from BioVision (#4002, San Francisco, CA, USA), and both solubilized in deionized water. Pertussis … Get A Quote


Chemerin is an adipokine associated with increased blood pressure, and may link obesity with hypertension. We tested the hypothesis that chemerin-induced contraction of the vasculature occurs via calcium flux in smooth muscle cells. Isometric contraction of rat aortic rings was performed in parallel with calcium kinetics of rat aortic smooth muscle cells to assess the possible signaling pathway. Chemerin-9 (nonapeptide of the chemerin S isoform) caused a concentration-dependent contraction of isolated aorta (EC 100nM) and elicited a concentration-dependent intracellular calcium response (EC 10nM). Pertussis toxin (G inhibitor), verapamil (L-type Ca channel inhibitor), PP1 (Src inhibitor), and Y27632 (Rh... More


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