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DEEPN as an Approach for Batch Processing of Yeast 2-Hybrid Interactions.

Cell Rep. 2016; 
Pashkova N, Peterson TA, Krishnamani V, Breheny P, Stamnes M, Piper RC.
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We adapted the yeast 2-hybrid assay to simultaneously uncover multiple transient protein interactions within a single screen by using a strategy termed DEEPN (dynamic enrichment for evaluation of protein networks). This approach incorporates high-throughput DNA sequencing and computation to follow competition among a plasmid population encoding interacting partners. To demonstrate the capacity of DEEPN, we identify a wide range of ubiquitin-binding proteins, including interactors that we verify biochemically. To demonstrate the specificity of DEEPN, we show that DEEPN allows simultaneous comparison of candidate interactors across multiple bait proteins, allowing differential interactions to be identified. This ... More


protein interactions; protein networks; ubiquitin