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Psychological interventions for psychosis in adolescents

Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2020-07-01; 
Soumitra S Datta, Rhea Daruvala, Ajit Kumar
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background: Psychosis is an illness characterised by alterations in thoughts and perceptions resulting in delusions and hallucinations. Psychosis is rare in adolescents but can have serious consequences. Antipsychotic medications are the mainstay treatment, and have been shown to be effective. However, there is emerging evidence on psychological interventions such as cognitive remediation therapy, psycho-education, family therapy and group psychotherapy that may be useful for adolescents with psychosis. objective: To assess the effects of various psychological interventions for adolescents with psychosis. methods: We searched the Cochrane Schizophrenia Group's study-based Register of Trials including clinical t... More