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Acute intracerebroventricular injection of chemerin-9 increases systemic blood pressure through activating sympathetic nerves via CMKLR1 in brain

Pflugers Arch. 2020; 
Atsunori Yamamoto, Kengo Matsumoto, Kiko Hori, Satoshi Kameshima, Naoko Yamaguchi, Shoshiro Okada, Muneyoshi Okada, Hideyuki Yamawaki
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Peptide Synthesis … Materials Reagent sources were as follows; recombinant chemerin-9 (RP20248, Genscript, Piscataway, NJ, USA), [Arg8]- Vasopressin (4085-v, PEPTIDE INSTITUTE, Osaka, Japan), and prazosin (P0938, Tokyo Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan) … Get A Quote


Chemerin is an adipocytokine involved in inflammation and lipid metabolism via G protein-coupled receptor, chemokine-like receptor (CMKLR)1. Since the important nuclei regulating pressure (BP) exist in the brain, we examined the effects of acute intracerebroventricular (i.c.v.) injection of chemerin-9 on systemic BP and explored underlying mechanisms. We examined the effects of acute i.c.v. injection of chemerin-9 (10 nmol/head) on systemic BP by a carotid cannulation method in the control or CMKLR1 small interfering (si) RNA-treated Wistar rats (0.04 nmol, 3 days, i.c.v.). We examined protein expression of CMKLR1 around brain ventricles by Western blotting. We examined the effects of acute i.c.v. injection ... More


Adipocytokine, Blood pressure, Brain, Intracerebroventricular injection, Sympathetic nerve