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GCNA Interacts with Spartan and Topoisomerase II to Regulate Genome Stability

Developmental Cell. 2020-01; 
Dokshin GA, Davis GM, Sawle AD, Eldridge MD, Nicholls PK, Gourley TE, Romer KA, Molesworth LW, Tatnell HR, Ozturk AR, de Rooij DG, Hannon GJ, Page DC, Mello CC, Carmell MA
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Recombinant Antibody Expression -20463; RRID: AB_10659145 Rabbit polyclonal anti-GFP GenScript A01704; RRID: AB_2622199 Mouse HRP anti-mCherry polyclonal anti- body (Abcam ab183628; 1:1000), rabbit anti-GFP (Genscript; 1:1000 Get A Quote