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One-Stop Serum Assay Identifies COVID-19 Disease Severity and Vaccination Responses

Immunohorizons. 2021-05; 
Natalie S Haddad, Doan C Nguyen, Merin E Kuruvilla, Andrea Morrison-Porter, Fabliha Anam, Kevin S Cashman, Richard P Ramonell, Shuya Kyu, Ankur Singh Saini, Monica Cabrera-Mora, Andrew Derrico, David Alter, John D Roback, Michael Horwath, James B O'Keefe, Henry M Wu, An-Kwok Ian Wong, Alexandra W Dretler, Ria Gripaldo, Andrea N Lane, Hao Wu, Helen Y Chu, Saeyun Lee, Mindy Hernandez, Vanessa Engineer, John Varghese, Rahul Patel, Anum Jalal, Victoria French, Ilya Guysenov, Christopher E Lane, Tesfaye Mengistsu, Katherine Elizabeth Normile, Onike Mnzava, Sang Le, Ignacio Sanz, John L Daiss, F Eun-Hyung Lee
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Gene Synthesis … Z03483; expressed in HEK293 cells) were purchased from GenScript. The S1-NTD (aa 16–318) was custom synthesized by GenScript. … -2 infections and healthy controls (black lines) using the GenScript sVNT that measures blockade of the interaction between the immobilized … Get A Quote


SARS-CoV-2 has caused over 100,000,000 cases and almost 2,500,000 deaths globally. Comprehensive assessment of the multifaceted antiviral Ab response is critical for diagnosis, differentiation of severity, and characterization of long-term immunity, especially as COVID-19 vaccines become available. Severe disease is associated with early, massive plasmablast responses. We developed a multiplex immunoassay from serum/plasma of acutely infected and convalescent COVID-19 patients and prepandemic and postpandemic healthy adults. We measured IgA, IgG, and/or IgM against SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid (N), spike domain 1 (S1), S1-receptor binding domain (RBD) and S1-N-terminal domain. For diagnosis, the combined [IgA + IgG ... More