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ChAdOx1-vectored Lassa fever vaccine elicits a robust cellular and humoral immune response and protects guinea pigs against lethal Lassa virus challenge

npj Vaccines. 2021-03; 
Robert J Fischer, Jyothi N Purushotham, Neeltje van Doremalen, Sarah Sebastian, Kimberly Meade-White, Kathleen Cordova, Michael Letko, M Jeremiah Matson, Friederike Feldmann, Elaine Haddock, Rachel LaCasse, Greg Saturday, Teresa Lambe, Sarah C Gilbert, Vincent J Munster
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DNA Sequencing … Lassa-GPc-cFLAG was synthesized and cloned into pcDNA3.1+ (GenScript); accuracy of the construct was confirmed by Sanger sequencing (ACGT). Replication-incompetent pseudotyped VSV particles expressing GFP and luciferase reporters were produced as previously … Get A Quote


Lassa virus (LASV) infects hundreds of thousands of individuals each year, highlighting the need for the accelerated development of preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic interventions. To date, no vaccine has been licensed for LASV. ChAdOx1-Lassa-GPC is a chimpanzee adenovirus-vectored vaccine encoding the Josiah strain LASV glycoprotein precursor (GPC) gene. In the following study, we show that ChAdOx1-Lassa-GPC is immunogenic, inducing robust T-cell and antibody responses in mice. Furthermore, a single dose of ChAdOx1-Lassa-GPC fully protects Hartley guinea pigs against morbidity and mortality following lethal challenge with a guinea pig-adapted LASV (strain Josiah). By contrast, control vaccinated animals ... More