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Identification and characterization of alkaline phosphatase gene in PCC7806

3 Biotech. 2021-04; 
Sujuan Hong, Qianhui Pan, Siyu Chen, Yao Zu, Chongxin Xu, Jianhong Li
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PhoX is an extracellular alkaline phosphatase that is widely found in cyanobacteria and plays an important role in the conversion of extracellular organophosphorus into soluble inorganic phosphorus. However, the gene has not yet been experimentally confirmed to exist in bloom-forming species. In this study, we identified a putative gene (GenBank accession no. ARI79942.1) in PCC7806 and overexpressed it in 21 (DE3). The expressed PhoX protein displayed phosphodiesterase and phosphomonoesterase activities. In contrast to other bacterial PhoX proteins, which are activated mainly by Ca, PhoX was most strongly activated by Mg, followed by Co, Ca, Zn and Mn, but it was inhibited by Ni. Sequence analysis showed ... More


Alkaline phosphatase, Cyanobacterial bloom, Microcystis, PhoX, Phosphorus metabolism