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Dual-Antigen System Allows Elimination of False Positive Results in COVID-19 Serological Testing

Diagnostics (Basel). 2021-01; 
Andrei Komarov, Anna Kaznadzey, Yue Li, Maria Kireeva, Ilya Mazo
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Catalog Antibody … Commercial antigens were purchased from GenScript and comprised of the nucleocapsid protein (Z03488), S1 domain of the surface protein (Z03485), RBD, receptor-binding domain of the surface protein (Z03479, Z03483), nucleocapsid and RBD fusion protein (Z03498) and … Get A Quote


Determining the presence of antibodies in serum is important for epidemiological studies, to be able to confirm whether a person has been infected, predicting risks of them getting sick and spreading the disease. During the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19, a positive serological test result can suggest if it is safe to return to work and re-engage in social activities. Despite a multitude of emerging tests, the quality of respective data often remains ambiguous, yielding a significant fraction of false positive results. The human organism produces polyclonal antibodies specific to multiple viral proteins, so testing simultaneously for multiple antibodies appeared a practical approach for increasing test specificit... More


COVID-19, ELISA, SARS-CoV-2, dual-antigen, serological test