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Expedient Synthesis of Ubiquitin-like Protein ISG15 Tools Through Chemo-Enzymatic Ligation Catalyzed by a Viral Protease Lbpro

Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. 2022-08; 
Tian Wang , Chuntong Li , Meijing Wang , Jiachen Zhang , Qingyun Zheng , Lujun Liang , Guochao Chu , Xiaolin Tian , Haiteng Deng , Wei He , Lei Liu , Jinghong Li
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Gene Synthesis Lbpro: FMDV encoded Lbpro (29-195) was codon-optimized and synthesized by Genscript (Nanjing) with an 8X His tag at N-terminus, then cloned into a pET11d vector. Get A Quote


Ubiquitin (Ub)-like protein ISG15 (interferon-stimulated gene 15) regulates innate immunity and is implicated in the evasion of the host response by viruses such as SARS-CoV-2. Dissecting ISGylation pathways recently received increasing attention which can illuminate the biological functions of ISG15 and inform related disease interventions, but such studies necessitate the expedient preparation and development of various ISG15 protein tools. Here, we report a finding that the leader protease (Lb pro ) encoded by foot-and-mouth disease virus can promote ligation reactions between recombinant ISG15 and synthetic glycyl compounds, enabling efficient preparation of various ISG15 protein tools such as ISG15-proparg... More


ISG15; chemical protein synthesis; ligation; ubiquitin; ubiquitin-like protein.